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Ever heard of a quintruble-double? Sophomore girls guard Anyssia Gibbs from Granite Hills of Apple Valley came one assist short of getting one in a high school game. Email Robert Gibbs at About Anyssia Gibbs High School Basketball Career or Our Elite Performance Youth Basketball Clinics For Boys and Girls Ages 12-17…These Camps Are Held During Spring and Summer In Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia and The Surrounding High Desert.
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Congratulations to #23 Anyssia Gibbs For Being Selected
The Granite Hills Girls Basketball Player Of The Year.

I Anyssia Gibbs am an unselfish and forward thinking Team Leader. I value the contributions of each team member and I always make myself available to listen to what each teammate has to say. 

As the Team Captain I demonstrate respect through my actions; and continuously remind my teammates of their respective roles and how to function, on and off the court.  I promote a family and harmonious atmosphere for the Lady Cougars Basketball Team through my positive thinking and optimistic attitude; which provides motivation to my teammates.

My belief is that positivity gives the team hope to go on playing the game; no matter how the situation appears. I demonstrate how impeccable defense can stop my opponents; and I try to serve as a role model to my teammates to inspire them to play lock down defense, and to give 100% all of the time.

My goal is to mentor my teammates; aside from being a talented basketball player and the best leader that I can be.  I never let negativity disrupt the focus of the team; and I remind them that “we play to win”.

Maintaining a 3.5 GPA or above and showing myself as a gifted student athlete, is priority.  Through my efforts at achieving these goals; I believe that I am an undeniable pleasure to my Coach.

All-State Girls Basketball Award – All-State Sophomore Team – Anyssia Gibbs  – Granite Hills’ High School

Anyssia Gibbs was the 2015-2016 Lady Cougars Basketball Team Most Valuable Player.

She led the Lady Cougars in Scoring, Rebounds, Steals, and Assist; and was also a 1st  Team – All League – Desert Sky League Selection


Anyssia Gibbs - The CEO'S Letter
A Predominate Basketball Talent

As the Chief Executive Officer of Elite Performance Athletics, and a Basketball Trainer of Young Athletes; I would like to introduce Anyssia Gibbs, a predominate Basketball talent in the High Desert. Anyssia is a fierce competitor that demonstrates impeccable one-on-one defense and confidence: She is a talented beast on the basketball court and most of all, a leader.

Anyssia believes her determination and will to succeed is noted squarely in her upbringing. When you get the chance to know her you’ll find a humble, friendly, charismatic, an enchanting young lady; who brightens every room she enters.     

Aside from being a talented player; and the Captain of her team; Anyssia never lets negativity disrupt the focus of the team. She promotes a confident atmosphere for the Lady Cougars Basketball Team; and reinforces positive thinking and assertiveness. She also serves as a role model to her teammates; inspiring them to give tremendous effort at all times.

She describes her team as a passionate and confident group of basketball players looking to succeed.  They accept the challenge and understand their responsibility as a team; and as great competitors, which brings the most out of them.   

Anyssia exhibits a work ethic of diligent preparation, which appears to allow her to mentally assess on-site situations during the basketball games.  It’s impressive to watch her training routines and drills; which she indicates are designed to cause fatigue, expecting to be tired in the fourth quarter of the games, her training routine allows her to mimic actual game conditions. This approach provides her with the confidence to continuously knock down late game shots.

Anyssia’s most important qualities appear to be her leadership and communication talents.  Her priorities are rock-solid; and she’s an impeccable gifted Student Athlete, who strives to be a Doctor, MD and apply those same leadership strengths.

All-State Girls Basketball Awards – All-State Sophomore Team – Anyssia Gibbs – Granite Hills’ High School

Anyssia Gibbs is the Lady Cougars Basketball Team two times Most Valuable Player;  and  is a two times 1st  Team – All League – Desert Sky League Selection  

Much Success for the 2016 – 2017 Basketball Season